The Developing Countries Studies Center (DCSC) has established since 2008. Starting from an intensive discussion group that examines strategic issues in Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia – we have transformed into a consultancy institution with a lot of knowledge and data on Southeast Asia. DCSC provides business intelligence that designed to empower our clients with real and reliable information.

Considering today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment, the DCSC considers information essential for business survival. Our fields of expertise include Market Intelligence, Independent Analysis, Risk Management, and Strategic Communication. With the experience of participating in elections in Indonesia in 2009, 2014, and 2019 and assisting several programs in Southeast Asian countries, we have many networks to get data and facts from the first hand.

So far, we have experience helping many global companies operating in Indonesia and several in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. We help in designing and deciding on their business strategies. DCSC prepares, processes information, and makes it of value to support your company’s goals.