Executive Briefing

We have experience in this field since 2015, with clients including CEOs of international and national companies, government officials, and other organizations. We can get information and data anywhere, but future analysis and predictions require suitable sources, in-depth analysis, and the ability to put it in simple language so that it is easy to understand. For our commitment to the accuracy of the research, since 2017, DCSC has received support from partners to develop similar businesses to Manila. DCSC analysts consist of experts who have the intellectual capacity and technical experience. With that combination, we were the ones who managed to present a briefing of a high standard.

Strategic Communication

There are many ways for your company or institution to introduce products. But we have a secret method that can drive market awareness with unique and customized strategies. Our experience as a consultant in several general elections in Indonesia helps us understand effective political communication. Our involvement in some business research in Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, adds to our ability to understand market behavior in this region.

Comprehensive Writing

Writing skills, especially in mainstream media, are a must for your company and institution. It is to maintain the narrative so that its positive image is always maintained. Many people can write, but few know how to write that is attractive to the public and attracts the media’s attention. We have several tutors in this field with experience as columnists in high-end press. They will guide your company or institution to create capacity building for staff in writing for the media.